Annual Meeting 2020






Asst. Treasurer


Rev. Doretta Colburn


Our journey together has been nearly a year, as supply and then settled pastor of which I am so overjoyed. One never knows where life will lead, but when we are willing to embrace the journey we witness the most surprising and satisfying outcomes. That is just how I feel about serving as pastor at Waterford Congregational Church – “the little church with a big heart!”

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Communications Coordinator

The position of Communications Coordinator exists to publicize—both internally and externally—the ongoing activities of the Church, and special events open to the wider community.


Four regular Waterford-centered vehicles exist for the dissemination of information: 1) the Church website; 2) the Church Facebook page; 3) the Church Newsletter; edited by Ginny Raymond, then by Kay Leslie, and distributed every 2-3 months to the Church community; 4) the Mutiny Brook Times (MBT), published every 2-3 months by Bill Haynes, for a total of five last year, for the wider community.


The wider world is generally informed via press releases sent to the public press serving our region: The Norway Advertiser Democrat, the Bridgton News, the Lewiston Sun-Journal, the Bethel Citizen.


Releases are also sent to Jasmine Merrill at the Town Office and the UCC Conference.


A busy year in the life of our church means a busy year for us communicators.



Stewardship Chair

As a church we have accomplished many extraordinary things this year in support of our mission and our vision. We have also managed the day-to-day operation of our church with fiscal responsibility thanks in large part to the financial support we received from members and friends through their pledges. We feel a personal and historic commitment to ensure the long-term success of our “little church with the big heart,” and we are grateful to all who came before us and committed to our present and future friends and members. We take Maya Angelou’s words to heart when she says:


When we cast our bread upon the waters,

we can presume that someone downstream

whose face we will never know will benefit from our action,

as we who are downstream from another

will profit from the grantor’s gift





2019 was a busy year for the trustees between the Wilkins House and the Church. We have completed most pf the project list that we established and added some projects as the year progressed. The following are the major projects completed by the Trustees for 2019.

Wilkens House;

  • Painting the trim of the building was contracted and completed

  • Replace toilet

  • Analysis of the electrical power to the building was performed with a few minor alterations performed. We encountered no issues during the summer breakfasts this past summer.

  • Locks were changed on the building and 14 keys were issued.


  • Painting of the Steeple and the front of the building was contracted and completed

  • Electrical outlets were installed in the choir area for more lighting. An electrical outlet was installed in the organ area for the Christmas tree and an additional outlet was installed in the Minister’s office.

The major project for 2020 will be the painting of the north side of the Church.




Mission Committees

This committee strives to help the church engage in mission opportunities, collectively and individually, doing God’s work both within our community and throughout the world.

I am amazed.  For a small church we have accomplished a great many mission projects.  A big Thank-You to everyone who supported these projects.  Working together is the best way to meet the needs of our church, community and the wider missions of the world.



Church Activities Committee Chair

The CAC has again worked hard this year to achieve its goal of supporting church activities and offering social events most every month for our church members and the community.

Thank  you to all the members of this hard-working committee. We hope you enjoyed our contributions.


George Wiese, Organist


Meg Wheeler, Member


Stef Michaud, Secretary