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Image by Johannes Plenio

Easter Sunday

April 4, 2021

Rev. Doretta Colburn 

"A Glorious Day!"

An Arm Chair Sermon

"We proclaim the resurrection of Christ
when his light illuminates
the dark moments of
our existence."
Pope Francis



Easter 2019

Peter Leslie, Lectionary: John 20:1-18

Easter Flowers

from deacons 2.JPG

In memory of   Joanne Fillebrown (2019)
Gail Nixon (Jan. 2020)  Bill Haynes (March 2020)
Whizzer Wheeler (April 2020)  Happy Chapman (June 2020)
Dick Lyman (August 2020)

from deacons.JPG
from deacons 3.JPG
From the  Deacons

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

WCC Virtual Choir

Easter Flowers cont...

Knowing we are all  in His Loving embrace...

Ginny & Denny Raymond

'Ginia & Matt Brannan


I honor and loving memories of our families.

Pam and Lloyd Williams

Raymond 3.JPG
Raymond 2.JPG

NJ flowers and baby Joseph in honor of Bruce and Arlene’s 2 month old grandson.

Bobbi Whichard

George Wiese: Hymn - Christ Arose
Easter Flowers cont...
Struck 3.jpg

Easter cactus bringing in the season at the Strucks

Al & Jean

In loving


of Gail

Ted Nixon

Ted Nixon.jpg

In loving memory of our parents,

and with blessings to all those

who lost loved ones to coronavirus.


John & Dodi Wait

This geranium has bloomed

throughout the winter

on our window sill.

It reminds us of resilience

and the  gratitude

we have for each of you.


Ted & Doretta


The Day of Resurrection

WCC Virtual Choir

Day of Resurrection.jpg
Easter Flowers cont...
Dianne Del  2.jpg

Loving memory of family members.


Peter & Jane Morse

The purple and yellow flowers are in loving memory of George Morse


Dianne & Del

The orange flowers are in memory of are loved ones  


Dianne & Del

Dianne Del.jpg
Jane Morse.jpg
Kay Lyman.jpg

In loving memory

of Dick


Kay Lyman

George Wiese: Hymn
Christ the Lord is Risen Today
Easter Flowers cont...
KAy Leslie.jpg

These flowers

were gifted to us

by our neighbor. 

Happy Easter!  


Bill & Sharon Roy

Happy Easter!

Kay & Peter Leslie!

Bill Roy.jpg
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