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We had a wonderful Zoom presentation by Nicholas Lund of Maine Audubon on the State of Maine Birds. He was gracious to record this for us so that we could give you who were not able to attend a chance to be a part of what he shared and for those of you who would like to refresh your memory on all that he spoke about. He gave a very knowledgeable and informative presentation that we trust you will enjoy. For those of you who were in attendance via zoom, it might be a chance to review the great information he presented to us. The link is below with the password you will need, as well. 






Meeting Recording:

Access Password: 2K@M#2^$


The Waterford  Congregational Church is UCC-affilliated.  We serve the community of Waterford, Maine and its environs. 

Our church's vison for congregrants encompasses Service, Music and Spirituality.

We embrace our rich history as well as  work toward a healthy and sustainable future.



(207) 583-6381


15 Plummer Hill Rd

PO Box PO 59

Waterford, ME 04088


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