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Session 6: Tuesday, Mar. 3, 2020 (6:30): Youth-led Environmental Work

Young people are deeply concerned about the environment, the climate crisis and inequity.

Changemakers is a youth-led network that connects young Mainers passionate about the environment with peers and mentors. Through project work and support of mentors, they not only work on effective and equitable solutions to climate challenges, they also learn leadership and innovation skills.

Hadley Couraud, a group leader, introduced us to a Changemaker,  Maisie,  who shared with us about Food Corps: her growth and understanding of how food and gardening impacts the individual and the planet.



Below is a note and several links/information from our speakers on Tuesday, March 3rd. Hadley and Maisie were wonderfully inspiring in their presentation, as well as their enthusiasm for the work they and others are doing in the state of Maine. We are grateful for all they are doing and know that you will find the information below meaningful. 


Doretta & Kerry


Thank you to all who came out to this Tuesday session! It's always a pleasure, and honor, to share the work of Changemakers and our youth with more people in Maine. This network is youth-led and intentionally inter-generational - this work, addressing climate change and climate justice must include and bring everyone along. Thank you for your interest and commitment. To continue our exploration and work together, here is the wealth of resources we mentioned:


If you have any questions or ideas about Changemakers, any of the organizations we listed here, or about conserving forest and water quality in our region, please reach out to Hadley Couraud: or

If you have any questions about Food Crops, please contact Maisie Campbell at maisie.campbell@foodcorps.or.


--Here is a video about Changemakers from the North America Association of Environmental Education.

--Here is Ania Wright's speech (starts at 59:45) at the January Climate Council Meeting.

--Two handouts (to be included soon):

a) 'Ten Ways to Build Youth Power'

b) Informational sheet about Changemakers

--19 Youth Climate Activists You Should Follow 

*Vic Barrett, one of the youth featured, was a keynote speaker for the 2019 Changemakers gathering


Changemakers in the news:

"Young Eco-activists"

'Climate Change and Cookies'

Article in the Boothbay Register

2019 Harvard Pilgrim Health award given to Nyaruot Nguany

and follow more news, as we share on MEEA's News page!


Report from the Community Based Environmental Learning census

Case studies from the Community Based Environmental Learning census


Organizations and initiatives you can follow and support:

Maine Environmental Education Association (MEEA)

**Note that MEEA is working on an equity database and curated learning journeys, to be live soon on their website! The first is for the 'Individual' - resources to help guide someone on their own learning journey through acknowledging privilege and inequity, self reflection to realize they are a part of it, and the deep learning necessary to eventually begin being an all. If you have any resources you think might be useful, around equity and environmental education, the outdoors, or in our culture in general, please send them to Hadley.


Nature Based Education Consortium


Maine Youth for Climate Justice


Sunrise Movement

Maine has hubs in Portland, Unity College, Bates College, and Bowdoin College


Food Corps

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