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As we face this New Year may we be emboldened to work evermore diligently on ways that we can engage in making positive changes toward a healthier planet. As Naomi Klein, in her latest book On Fire expressed in relation to the urgent need to act now, she says, “That’s what happens when you kick the can down the road enough times. You run out of road.” The time is now to rally together, to work side by side, to grow ever stronger in our resolve because our future and the generations that follow are depending on us to step up and do our part today.

One of the greatest challenges we have is communicating the climate crisis with those who are skeptical about it. That is why we are so excited about our upcoming program with Tyler Kidder who will share with us how to have open communication.

Session 4 was Tuesday, Jan. 7: Talking About Climate Crisis

How do we talk with each other about the climate crisis in ways that both inspire us and lead us to action? How do we influence others to act through honest, real, practical, and meaningful conversation? Tyler Kidder of The Onion Foundation and the Maine Climate Table, a partnership of over 200 individuals and organizations, led this session. She provides us tools below and techniques that help us change hearts and minds and that leads to action.

What Can WE Do? ... consider who those people are that you would like to talk to about the climate crisis – your State Representative, coworkers, family members, friends…


Kerry & Doretta


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