July 26, 2020

Rev. Doretta Colburn 

“The Amazing Truth of A Little Faith”

An Arm Chair Sermon

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we gather

Dianne: Soprano

Ginny & Jane Altos

Denny, Del,  Kevin &Ted: Tenors

Kay: Musician

Pam Williams, Readings
George Wiese, Hymns

July 19, 2020

Rev. Doretta Colburn 

“The Restoring Act of Grace ”

An Arm Chair Sermon

"Where do we even start on the daily walk of restoration and awakening?

We start where we are.”

Anne Lamott

Stef Michaud - Readings
George Wiese - Hymns
For the Beauty of the Earth 7-19-2020.m4Artist Name
00:00 / 02:16

Virtual Choir: Denny & Ginny Raymond, Al & Jean Struck, Jane Morse, Diane & Del Leonard,  Kevin Murphy and Kay Leslie (accompanist)

July 12, 2020

Rev. Doretta Colburn 

“Examining the Soil of Our Hearts”

An Arm Chair Sermon

“In this earth, in this soil, in this pure field

let’s not plant any seed other than seeds of compassion and love.”


Photo: Adobe Stock

Jane Morse - Music

Denny Raymond - Scriptures

George Wiese - Hymns

July 5, 2020

Rev. Doretta Colburn 

“A Promise Is a Promise”

An Arm Chair Sermon

Let God's promises shine on your problems. 

Peter Leslie - Scriptures

Jane Morse - Music

George Wiese - Hymns


The Waterford  Congregational Church is UCC-affilliated.  We serve the community of Waterford, Maine and its environs. 

Our church's vison for congregrants encompasses Service, Music and Spirituality.

We embrace our rich history as well as  work toward a healthy and sustainable future.



(207) 583-6381


15 Plummer Hill Rd

PO Box PO 59

Waterford, ME 04088


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