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Our Choir, directed by Jane Morse.  Music is an important part of our Mission.


Preston Harrison, Singer


Music Director

Jane Morse

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George Wiese



Kay Leslie


Jame Morse Singer

Gail Scott, Don Chase

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Peter & Kay Leslie 

with Gail Scott & Don Chase


Denny Raymond




Al Struck, on Clarinet

Our Organist: George Wiese

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A Message from George:


In early December (2019), my good friend Gail Nixon recruited me to become the organist at her beloved Waterford Congregational Church UCC. I was thrilled to be asked, and upon first visiting the church found a kind, welcoming congregation, a familiar format of worship, and a gorgeous Mason and Hamlin reed organ dating from 1899 (which by all accounts had been neglected for decades.) I was also excited to be part of Gail's church family, because it meant Tabby and I would be seeing Gail and Ted more frequently. Never in a million years did I imagine that Gail's Celebration of Life would be among the first few services I'd play in my new position.

The church has a beautiful tradition of ending each service by forming a circle around the sanctuary and singing "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" (written in 1882 by William Tomer, with lyrics by Jeremiah Rankin - originally penned simply for the church choir to sing as a "good-bye" (etymology: God be with you) as they parted from rehearsals and services.)

While practicing at church, I found music for Emma Ashford's "Voluntary on God Be With You," composed for organ in 1899 (the same year as our church's organ was built.)  So here's my song of Goodbye, and God Be With You, in memory of Gail.