“White Privilege: Let’s Talk, A Resource for Transformational Dialogue” created by the United Church of Christ, designed to invite members and friends to engage in safe, meaningful, substantive and bold conversations on race. 

Where: Zoom 


Who: Interested church and community members, hosted by co-facilitators: Rev. Doretta Colburn, Al Struck and Dianne Morse-Leonard


When:   Monthly: Wednesday December 16th     6:30-8:00 pm

      Wednesday January 20th       6:30-8:00

      Wednesday February 17th      6:30-8:00

      Wednesday March 17th          6:30- 8:00

      Wednesday  April 21st            6:30-8:00

      Wednesday May 19th             6:30-8:00

By invitation only.  To learn more talk with Al at 583-4417.

ZOOM fellowship meetings are held Thursday evenings 7-8 pm and Sunday afternoons 5-6 pm.  
To learn more about our ZOOM meetings: 

In person activities

of the Church

are canceled/postponed

(including Sunday morning services) until further notice.            

Sharps on the Flat Concert, Stay tuned....TBD

Elizabeth Roth, Harpest and vocalist, joined by George Wiese for some numbers. Free with donations going to the Waterford Emergency Fuel Fund and the Sharps Music fund.


Please choose our Climate informational sites on the dropdown menu to read about our meetings.  

Doretta and Kerry have a special message for you.  Please read:

We are so grateful for the months we shared of gatherings around climate issues and efforts we can take to do our part in mitigating climate change. We found it deeply heartwarming and exciting that we averaged more than 50 individuals at each of our monthly gatherings that began in October of 2019. Our hope was to complete one year this October 2020 having generated enthusiasm, determination and personal commitments to foster positive change. While Covid-19 ended our opportunity to host in-person meetings, our interest has not changed in continuing to encourage everyone’s involvement in raising awareness, being examples and speaking out and up where change needs to happen to insure a healthy planet for the next generation to come.

Groups have been offering Zoom gatherings around these important issues, many of whom we had present in our Climate Conversation: What Can We Do? gatherings. The National Resource Council of Maine (NRCM), the Center for an Ecology Based Economy (CEBE), Lakes Environmental Association (LEA), and Maine Audubon have been hosting wonderfully inspiring and enriching presentations. We encourage you to follow what they are doing and volunteer wherever you can.

Though we look forward to a future when we can get together in conversation once again, we hope that you will continue in the pursuit of helping to build a healthier planet. One of the most significant things we all can be doing in this time is exercising our right to vote. Vote for planet Earth and legislation that will protect our environment and our democracy.


The Waterford  Congregational Church is UCC-affilliated.  We serve the community of Waterford, Maine and its environs. 

Our church's vison for congregrants encompasses Service, Music and Spirituality.

We embrace our rich history as well as  work toward a healthy and sustainable future.



(207) 583-6381


15 Plummer Hill Rd

PO Box PO 59

Waterford, ME 04088

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