We are pleased to tell you that we have scheduled a live session of the climate group.  Hooray!

We will be meeting at the Waterford Library, outdoors at 5:30 on June 30th (changed to July 14th) or an interactive session on the topic of planning and planting a wildlife/pollinator garden.  This topic came out of our last zoom meeting and we are delighted to announce that Jane Traill, a Master Gardener will be leading our session.  We are also delighted to announce the support of the library in making this project come to lif 

03-28-20 Sharps - Roth n Wiese  x.jpg

Sharps on the Flat Concert, Stay tuned....TBD after the Covid social distancing has concluded.  We hope to have Elizabeth Roth, Harpest and vocalist, joined by George Wiese for some numbers. Free with donations going to the Waterford Emergency Fuel Fund and the Sharps Music fund.

So stay tuned!