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01-25-2021   Even for Bargain Hunters, Green Cars Make Sense

Electric cars are an even better value than I understood when I first bought one.

06-1-2020  New Enzyme Breaks Down Plastic In Hours And Enables High-Quality Recycling

04-06-2020  As Himalayas Warm, Nepal’s Climate Migrants Struggle to Survive
Today, we came across an article in the New York Times (see the link below) about the impact of the climate crisis in Nepal.  It brought our first session with Dr. Tom Hammett into clear focus again.  Nepal seems far away until we recall the way that Tom linked what’s happening there with what is happening right here in Maine.
To see all of Tom's remarks, click here:

02-21-20 Lisa Pohlmann: What we can do about climate change

Here is a link that our previous speaker Lisa Pohlmann, CEO of NRCM forwarded to us. We thought you might be interested. It is a great lead-in to a discussion on transportation that we are planing with the Maine Conservation Alliance and a panel of experts on transportation for May 5th.


For those interested, We have added Naomi Klein’s book On Fire to the borrow shelf at the Waterford Library. It is a very good read. 

1/24/2020 Climate change is scary. Talking about it productively doesn't have to be.

1/10/2020 Opinion - How to Stop Freaking Out and Tackle Climate Change


12/17/2019 - Greenland ice sheet melting exponentially faster than in 1990s, study says


12-16-2019 - Reducing emissions from transportation is a long, difficult road for Maine

11-20-2019 - One Thing You Can Do: Know Your Climate Facts


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